The country's overwhelming topographical variations results in the coexistence of a number of religions as well as local traditions reflecting India 's Unity in Diversity. The towering temples of SOUTH INDIA , identified by their ornate sculptured surfaces showcase the Dravidian style. On the other hand the desert of KUTCH , GUJARAT and its scattering of villages potrays a Spartan lifestyles made vibrant by a plethora of jwellery and ornamental embroidery adorning apparel and household linen. In extreme North are the high altitude cold desert of LADAKH . Local culture here is visibly shaped by the harsh terrain.

Yet another dimension of India culture is showcased in the colorful tribal lifestyles of the north eastern states of Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Manipur with their folk culture. Central Indian states of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh have a tribal village life with a variety of artistically executed handicrafts.

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