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Bollywood tour is one of a different type of tours , its not the regular tour where in you see the city highlights , Mumbai is know for its Films , Its can be said as the capital for Film making in india and where mostly all stars , big and small stay . When ever one mentions mumbai, it gives a background picture of Bollywood.

The first films India watched was in 1896, and thanks to the country's colonial rulers, it was the Lumiere Brothers who introduced the art of cinema to the sub-continent. Bombay, as it was then called, was the first Indian city to screen the cinema.

Mumbai is now home to one of the largest film industry in the world- Bollywood. Even bigger than Hollywood in terms of the number of films produced per year i.e. 900 movies per year (and no we haven't included the regional movies in this category), the Indian Film industry is the probably the only one in the world to have been given the designated status of an "industry".

We offer an organized Bollywood tour to give you a closer look at one of the largest and most glamorous industries in the country. Bollywood tour in Mumbai is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

Bollywood Tour Package offered by us gives you a complete view and knowledge of how much time and efforts are out in to make of a film or a serial a very colorful affair.

Basic Acitivity during Bollywood Tours;

Studio visit for live shooting (Films or Tele - Serials)
Dubbing/Recording Studio
Dresswala - Who supplies dresses to films
Dance and Acting Classes
Film stars houses in Bandstand and Juhu are all suburban side places

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